Health Points 10 10px-Heartx5
Attack Strength 4 10px-Heartx2
Drops Feathers 0-2

Snowball 0-2

Spawn Snow Biomes in light level of 10 and higher
Network ID SnowBird
Experience Points 5

[view][talk] Whight is a neutral mob that spawns in snow biomes at light level of 10 and higher. Whights, when provoked, will start to chase the player. Once chasing, it would be 2 times its speed and start to jump wildly. Once the player is with 1 block of it, the whight will inflate, give an irritating chirpish song and explode. Although, the explosion can be cancelled if the player manages to move away 6 blocks before it explodes. The explosion is not as strong as a creeper's and doesn't destroy blocks. However, it DOES send you away quite a far distance, about 15-30 blocks away. This can be very dangerous near cliffs. It will also destroy transparent low-blast resistance blocks like torches or plants. If it explodes in water, it does not do any damage, and the knockback range is reduced to half of what it supposed to be. The Whigh will also attack you if you attack another whight.


The whight looks like a bird with a thick layer of white feathers. The only part that is not covered by it is its face. The face is coloured royal blue, and the eyes are sparkly. It also has a blue, long bill, stretching half the lenghth of the Whight itself.


There are no known bugs yet


  • If a Whight explodes in a minecart, the minecart will be launched into the air at a height of 30 blocks, straight up.