The Water Lurker is a mob that spawns in a swamp biome. This mob will only attack a player if that player is alone, The water lurker will mostly stay hidden under the water, making it hard to kill.


The water Lurker's color is Dark brown so it blends in to the water. When it targets a player it will slowly move to the player, If the player has good ears he could hear movement in the water and run away. It will sometimes make a hissing sound like a snake to alert other water lurkers. If the water lurker gets out of water if will start to burn and flip back into water.

Still MoreEdit

This mob is two blocks long and does 7 damage to players. Its speed is 0.3 making it as fast as a zombie. The water lurker eats squids and villagers that go into the water alone, But it only has 10 hearts so it is not to bad. Is a villager is getting attacked by a water lurker the other villagers will run to land, But any iron golems can not help because they cannot swim.

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