Village Hospitals are natrually generated structures in NPC Villages, where Villager's health is restored at. If the Player is 30-40 Blocks away from an NPC Village, they will respawn at the hospital if they choose to respawn. They look like giant square wood houses with a giant red wool red cross at the top.



  • They look like a giant square village house, but with a giant red cross at the top of it made out of Red Wool Blocks.


  • It is a giant room filled with beds, and Village Doctors, around them with many villagers laying down on them.


If the Player is 30-40 blocks away from an NPC Village, they will respawn back at it if they choose to respawn. And they will be laying down on either one either of the beds, and then the Player can click leave bed to continue survival. Ocasionally you will see doctor villagers near you looking at you, while you are laying down. The Player's items they where holding will be in a chest near them when they leave the bed after respawning.

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