New Characters Edit

  • Bank Villager
  • Guard Villager
  • Mechanic Villager
  • Miner Villager
  • Builder Villager
  • Prisoner Villager
  • Resident Villager

New Building Edit

  • Bank (Which includes 2 rooms.) (A office room, and a bank vault room with Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, it is in a safe, which takes 10 minutes to break, the room is surrounded by bedrock.)
  • Gates (Gates are iron bars with pistons used to push them, guards can only open them and villagers can access them without approval. The player will have to pay and Iron to be allowed in, he doesn't have to pay again.)
  • Mechanic Store (It includes 2 rooms.) (A office room, and a room with minecarts on ramps that are being fixed, you can ask the villager to fix your item and it will take 5 minutes for all items, it usually depends the cost on the item.)
  • Mine (It includes many rooms.) (The entrance which leads to a cave system, which is filled with ores, then there is a room where there are villagers hanging around, then it includes minecart tracks, it leads to abobanded mine shafts, then there are Non-Abobanded Mine Shafts which includes villagers.)
  • Jail (It includes a office and jail cells.) (There is a office and usually there are 50 cells, there are 5 levels, 3 rooms upstairs, and 2 rooms downstairs.)

Misc Edit

  • There are now grass paths.
  • The buildings have become much bigger.

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