Troll MC
Created by Zomboss
Health Points (30) 10px-HeartX15
Attack Strength Shovel Related:10px-Half Heart

Stone Related:10px-Heart10px-Half Heart Mineral Blocks and ores:10px-Heart10px-Heart

Obsidian:10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart TNT:10px-Heart X24 (depending on proximity)

Drops Gravel (0-2)

Rotten Flesh (0-1)

Spawn At a light level of 10 or from Troll Spawners.
First Appearance January 22nd,2012
Network ID troll
Experience Points 5

[view][talk] Trolls are hostile mobs which hold the ability to throw blocks at the player. They are much bigger than a player, and can take more damage than average of most mobs. They rarely throw Magma Cubes or Slimes which which will damage you depending on their size.


Fighting a troll cannot be done... The purpose of the troll is for you (the Victim) to be annoyed or saddened by the wrath of the Troll before you are able to even see it coming. If you were able to tell that this is a troll before the troll has even happened then it would no longer be considered a troll, now would it? Think about that.. Come visit me.. A troll at

Death Text In SMPEdit

<Player Name> got trolled.