A boss mob that is spawned using six obsidian blocks and rhino heads (only obtainable if two male rhinos fight for a female rhino) like the wither but with 1 extra block on each side. Its 10 blocks wide and 15 blocks tall it has 5 serpent like heads and 4 legs also it has 2 tails.  

Behavior Edit

This hostile mob can see you 35 blocks away (the fact it has 5 heads) when seen it will charge at you make sure your prepared when your ready to fight the boss with diamond armor and weapons.




The Hydra




easy:3 Normal:5 Hard: 7


1-1 Hydra Soul

Rare Drops:

Enchanted Diamond Sword

Network ID:








Fighting the hydra is hard as getting close brings a melee attack. Check the info box for the damage.

It has 5 elemental heads: fire, ice, storm , undead, and magma. The fire head breathes bursts of flame, burning you for 10 seconds. The ice head freezes you in a 1x1x3 block tall prism. The storm head fires lightning strikes while the magma head shoots magma orbs that explode and place fire. The undead head spawns zombies, skeletons, wendigos and deer mobs.

Chopping all the heads off is not the end, five other elemental heads are spawned : light, life, earth, tech, and wind. Wind launches you in the air, tech fires missiles, earth traps you in dirt and stone, life regens health, and light fires a beam so powerful it burns the land!

Tips on fighting the Hydra: you should wear diamond armor, get a diamond sword, and diamond pick for the earth head. The Hydra is arrow proof so bows are usless

The hydra drops 1 Hydra soul. Right clicking while wearing armor will enchant it to level 10. A rare drop is an enchanted diamond sword. Its hydra scales can be made into hydra tools, weapons, and armor.

Death MessageEdit

<Player> was stomped, burned, drowned...

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