Attack Strength Drop: 8 10px-Heart x4

Spit: 2 10px-Heartx1

Network ID CaveBug
Rare Drops none
Experience Points 5

[view][talk] The Stalagmite is a hostile mob that clings to cave ceilings. It will only spawn in caves generated by coding that are in snow biomes below level 40. The stalagmite will only cling to ceilings that are higher than 3 blocks and lower than 20 blocks. Once directly above the player, it will let go off the ceiling and land on the player. This CAN be avoided though. When it is on the ceiling, it is undamageable, due to its hard shell. But, once it falls to the ground, is shell (stalagmite) will get stuck on the floor, being uoside down, revealing its vulnerable body. Be quick to attack it, though, as after 5 seconds, it would stand again and jump back on the ceiling. If the ceiling is lower than 3 blocks or higher than 20 blocks, it will move like normal. In this state, it will spit cold water, that only deals 1 heart of damage. The only way to damage it in this state is to use a pickaxr to break its shell and attack it like any other mobs.


  • The stalagmite will not get hurt by lava if on the ceiling. This is also the case for fire. This is probably a bug.
  • If the stalagmite is about to jump on a 1-block thick ceiling, and you destroy the ceiling, the stalagmite will jump to the skies infinitely.


  • Stalagmite's name might come from what it is based off. A weird dark bug in a rock stalagmite-like shell.