Health Points (20) 10x 10px-Heart
Attack Strength Depends on the hazard it brings you to
Drops 0-1 SOul Stone
Spawn Night at light level 4 or lower
Network ID Specter
Rare Drops Soul Stone 0-1
Experience Points 5

[view][talk] Specters are rare semi-transparent mobs that in at night. Specters attack by vanashing into the darkness and appear 2 blocks behind or just in front of you. Afterr that, it will grab you into the air and throw you around, which causes fall damage and occasionally might throw you into lava if there is any. To avoid being grabbed, hit the specter just as it appears in front of you, which would make it disappear again. Instead of burning, specters will just vanish when day comes.


The best way to avoid getting grabbed by a specter is to jump aroud, as the Specter can miss grabbing you. Or, in other ways, just by hitting thee specter just when it appears in front of you. The best way to avoid getting into hazards is by fighting the Specter in a small room without lava or any other hazards.