Soul Dragon
Soul Dragon
By Dr Edgar Zomboss
Health Points 10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart
Attack Strength Easy:10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Half Heart

Normal:10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Half Heart Hard:10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart

Drops Dragon Fang (0-2)

Undead Wing (0-1)

Spawn In The Underworld in the Soulstealing Tower at any light level.
First Appearance 19th April 2012
Network ID soul dragon
Rare Drops N/A
Experience Points 15

[view][talk] Soul Dragons are one block high, three blocks wide, and four blocks long. They are Hostile mobs that spawn only in the Soulstealing Tower, on the Oblivion Bridge. They blow heavy waves of wind that push blocks and damage mobs. Also ignites TNT and Nitro. Since they spawn near the Oblivion Bridge, the player may end up falling into The Void if the player does not kill the Soul Dragons, but they are hard to reach and are unharmed by Fire, so Fire Charges are useless. Their loot usually always fall towards The Void and is destroyed unless intelligent strategies are used.


Soul Dragons will attack from up to fifty blocks away, but they can be detected with ease, due to their very creepy and loud moanings, as well as their attacks, since they make a high-pitched scream that is similar to a Ghast's but shorter and stronger. Soul Dragons stride around the player with the speed of a Sneak Walk and they emit a light level of 2.


Try to make them chase towards the inside of the structure so you can get their very rare loot, and not have it fall straight towards the Oblivion. They are also slow enough to be shot by arrows easily. Try bringing tamed Anpids and ride one of them, then lay your sword at these terrifying beasts, though at some points you might just sprint through the bridge and hide in the Skull Temple and get all the valuables from those chests.

Death text in SMPEdit

<Player Name> is gone with the wind.