Soul Dragon
Soul Dragon
By Dr Edgar Zomboss
Health Points 10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart
Attack Strength Easy:10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Half Heart

Normal:10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Half Heart Hard:10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart

Drops Dragon Fang (0-2)

Undead Wing (0-1)

Spawn In The Underworld in the Soulstealing Tower at any light level.
First Appearance 19th April 2012
Network ID soul dragon
Rare Drops N/A
Experience Points 15

[view][talk] Soul Dragons are one block high, three blocks wide, and four blocks long. They are Hostile mobs that spawn only in the Soulstealing Tower, on the Oblivion Bridge. They blow heavy waves of wind that push blocks and damage mobs. Also ignites TNT and Nitro. Since they spawn near the Oblivion Bridge, the player may end up falling into The Void if the player does not kill the Soul Dragons, but they are hard to reach and are unharmed by Fire, so Fire Charges are useless. Their loot usually always fall towards The Void and is destroyed unless intelligent strategies are used.


Soul Dragons will attack from up to fifty blocks away, but they can be detected with ease, due to their very creepy and loud moanings, as well as


English as a whole is full of words like these - weird spellings and pronunciations, silent letters, how "knight" and "nite" are homophones.

There are three major reasons for this (and probably a lot more minor ones).

  1. English comes from cobbling several different languages together

over millenia. Take indigenous Celtic, mash in some 4th ce Germanic, 10th ce Norse, 11th ce French, plus a liberal helping of Latin and Greek and loanwords from pretty much every language English has come in contact with, and you're not going to have a lot of internal consistency.

  1. The Medieval Vowel shift. I'm not saying that is specifically

affected "vineyard", but it did change a lot of pronunciations in weird ways. For ex: mouse was pronounced like moose before the shift.

  1. Spelling! Up until the 17th century, spelling was subjective. You

pretty much wrote down how things sounded to you. That's why you get Early Modern printed texts with ylmyst evyry y-vywel as y or other crazy spellings. Eventually spelling crystalized but there was no official group setting formal spellings, unlike in French, so there are tonnes of weird spellings that exist in English. their attacks, since they make a high-pitched scream that is similar to a Ghast's but shorter and stronger. Soul Dragons stride around the player with the speed of a Sneak Walk and they emit a light level of 2.

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Google translates this to:

丅 mouth is Torr 卂 卂 workers feet, 丫 卄 卂 卂 Litor Torr 丅 mouth 卄 卂 Torr 卂 リ 乇 RTL Ruler 卄 workers 卄 workers 㔿 workers 㔿 mouth 凵 𠘨 knife Torr ruler 丂 丂 丅 卂 𠘨 Cutter 工 匚 long 卂𠘨 knife from the mouth 丅.. 丅 卄 乇 Torr 卄 凵 from the mouth 凵 工 foot labor 丂 torr 乂 丅 foot torr from Torr 乚 丫 丫 丂 凵 is 丅 乚 Torr, 卂 𠘨 knife knife 工 卄 凵 凵 丅 卂 丂 丂 mouth workers Knife 厶 卂 卂 卂 丂 丂 丂 丂 mouth 丅 卄 口 口 口 口 mouth workers 匚 丅 乚 乚 workers 卄 丂 丂 丂 丂 workers from the mouth 丂 丅 mouth 丅 卄 乇 乇 mouth 长 mouth Triton mouth 工 工 工 工 工 厶 口 mouth レ リ Rod scale尸 丅 丫 Deadman 匚 卂 乚 Reiko Torr mountain Torr foot '丂 卄 Torr 卂 knife. 丅 卄 Torr foot Torr' 丂 卂 卂 丂 丂 丂 丂 丂 丂 丂 丂 丂 丂 丂 丂 丂 丂 丂 丂 丂 丂 丂 丅 workers乚 乚 口 口,,, 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 乚 山 山 山 山 山 山 Yamaguchi Torr 𠘨 𠘨 𠘨 丅 丅 丅 丅 丅 卂 卂 卂 卂 乇 乇 乇 乇 workers 丂 丅 丅 workers 丅 丅 workers 丂 卄 丂 workers 丂Corps ruler feet 丂 𠘨 mouth 𠘨 卂 乚 dead body 卄 workers 乚 mouth 尸 mouth 尸 corpse 卄 knife knife 卂 丂 mountain 丂 卄 Torr 卂 工 workers 乚 下 under the feet 尺 卂 feet 刀 刀 knife 𠘨 卂 maidservants 丫 卂 口 mouth 乚 maidservants丅 Torr 卂 卂 卂 凵 凵 foot Torr, under the mouth 工 丂 丅 卂 卂 卂 匚 torr Torr Torr 卂 卂 𠘨 丂 𠘨 𠘨 knife Torr Under the 𠘨 Daoxianiangong Yuyuxiakan Chikaoxiaxun; Xianianzheya Nianxun ri Tuoxianianzhe station 𠘨 Xiatuoyinyin torr Fangxiapianpangxun Yinpianpangxunshi Xunpianpanggongxia Yaxiakouxia凵 凵 乚 丫 卂 尸 dead body torr 匚 worker 卂 丅 torr 丅 卄 torr knife 乇 尸 丅 丅 丂 丂 mouth 丅 卄 卄 mouth 卄 卄 Torr 丁 torr Ding mouth long 乇 丅 丅 丅 丅 mouth 乇 乇 乚 labor 丂 torr 丅 卄 卂 丅 丅卄 Torr 丫 'feet Torr 𠘨 mouth 丅 Ding 凵 丂 丅 丅 under 凵 𠘨 𠘨 Ya - 丅 卄 Torr Ah 丂 卂 Ya 丂 mouth from Torr 丅 丅 卄 workers 𠘨 厶 knife Torr 乇 Torr corpse 卂 口 口 口 丅 乚 下 workers Torr. 卂丂 卂 匚 匚 mouth 𠘨 丂 Torr 㔿 凵 凵 Torr 𠘨 匚 Torr corpse Torr mouth corpse 乇 torr mountain 卄 mouth knife 丂 乚 workers long 乇 foot workers 匚 long & from the mouth 丅 丫 丅 feet 凵 凵 丫 卂 卂 foot Torr knife 口 mouth 丅丂 口 口 口 口 mouth under the mouth 凵 丂 丂 丂 丂 Torr 丅 卄 Torr 山 Yamaguchi 凵 乚 knife 𠘨 丅 丅 卂 卂 卂 尸 卂 卂 卂 卂 卂 卂 尸 尸 尸 workers,口 凵 工 工 工 工 工 workers 匚 workers long '乇 torr 乂 workers 丂 丅 Torr 𠘨 𠘨 卂 workers 卂 乚 卂 卂 丅 匚 卄 卄 卄 卄 卄 乇 卄 卄 乇 乇 feet 丂 乇 Torr " ,

Edit: interesting that it includes "dead body", "Deadman", and "corpse" (and "Corps", oddly). Why all the distinction?

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Death text in ShitMotherfuckerPoontangEdit

<Player Name> is gone with the wind.