Created by Zomboss
Health Points (6) 10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart
Attack Strength Easy:(1) 10px-Half Heart

Normal:(2) 10px-Heart

Hard:(4) 10px-Heart10px-Heart+PoisonedHeart (each 5 secs.)

Drops N/A
Spawn In Desert Biome caves at a light level of 7.
First Appearance 21st June 2012
Network ID scutigera
Rare Drops N/A
Experience Points 3

[view][talk] The Scutigera is a mob as small as silverfish, and as fast as a cave spider. They are Hostile and they attack in an ambush style hiding in Gold Ores, dirt and lapis lazuli. Once one of the Scutigeras is struck all in the same cave system will attack taking things into serious danger, and because of their climbing abilities they will chase at the highest areas.


If you detect a Scutigera on an Ore,make sure to close any oppenings that other Scutigeras to come by,but killing them is worthless as they drop nothing and only 3 XP orbs,so the best strategy is to stay out of the way as much as possible.Scutigeras are noticed hunting Spiders,Scorpions and others arthropods and "eating" them,which means an angry Spider is just the perfect bait,so meanwhile they are all chewing the Spider blow them with Nitro or TNT.

Death Message in SMPEdit

<Player Name> drowned in an ocean of scutigeras