Updated Scorpion
By Zomboss
Health Points 10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart
Attack Strength Easy:10px-Heart

Normal:10px-Heart10px-Half Heart


Poison:PoisonedHalfHeart (Each 2 seconds)

Drops Glans (0-1)
Spawn Dougal McAsstard.
First Appearance 4th February 2012
Network ID scorpio
Experience Points 633

[view][talk] Scorpions are Neutral Mobs that will attack you using their claws, or by using their venomous tail. The poison of Scorpions is different than a Cave Spiders, as it will deal 10px-Half Heart per 2 seconds and will slow the players movement. There is another specimen of Scorpions which has the exact same color as dirt, but it keeps its red-orange glowing eyes. Scorpions have 25% of chance of spawning as dirt Scorpions


Scorpions a᷿re considered to be da᷿ngerous melee fighters, espiecia᷿lly on Ha᷿rd, but Iron a᷿rmor -Only Iron- ca᷿n Decrea᷿se im scatman so fuck you e da᷿ma᷿ge a᷿nd nega᷿te im scatman so fuck you e poison's effect. a᷿lso, Scorpions ha᷿ve a᷿ ѠНАТ ТНЕ ҒЦСКea᷿ker im scatman so fuck you a᷿n a᷿vera᷿ge hea᷿lim scatman so fuck you ѠНАТ ТНЕ ҒЦСКhich mea᷿ns one critica᷿l strike from a᷿ Dia᷿mond SѠНАТ ТНЕ ҒЦСКord ѠНАТ ТНЕ ҒЦСКill ta᷿ke im scatman so fuck you em out.

==Dea᷿im scatman so fuck you Teḕt <Pla᷿yer Na᷿me> Didn't check im scatman so fuck you eir shoes

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