The Recycler is an item which you can use to refund crafted materials.




Allows you to refund any materials used for crafting, for example: you insert a Dispenser, you get 1 bow, 7 cobblestone and 1 redstone as refund. If you put an enchanted tool inside, you'll get XPs refund as well, but the more you use that tool, the less XPs refunded. You cannot refund smelted items, potions, Wool, Gold Ingot and Golden Apples. If you attempt to refund damaged tools, you won't get all the materials back (Example: a wooden sword with 1 use left, you refund it and you get only the stick). To recycle a item or a block you can right click it with the item or block in your hand, or pressing Q and wait for it on the top of the recycler. (if the block or item is on the floor, try again)


  1. It is wierd that you can refund Bread and Cake.
  2. The reason Wool and Gold Ingot cannot be refunded because they can be acquired by natural or by crafting.
  3. You cannot refund TNT as they will cause the Recycler to explode (the explosion doesn't kill you, does 4 hearts of damage).
  4. Refunding Nitro is extremly stupid as the Nitro will explode, killing you.
  5. Endermen can pick up a Recycler.
  6. If you have SDK's Gun Mod installed, attempting to recycle an Iron Ingot will crash the game. This is because both shotgun shell casings and bullet casings can be crafted into Iron Ingots, and the code for the recycler cannot cope with multi-source crafting.
  7. If you have Clay Soldiers Mod, you can't recycle any horses, turtles, pegasi, or even clay soldiers by right click. But, if any of the 4 items are recycled by pressing Q and it lands on the top of the recycler, the game crashes. This is because they could be also known as entities.

Recycled itemsEdit

Cake -> Wheat,Sugar,Milk,and Egg

Bread ->Wheat

Swords -> Stick & Wood/Diamond/Stone/Iron/Gold