The Phantom Flame is a flying mob that resembles a blue fireball. It comes in red and blue and sets you on fire upon impact. They have yellow eyes and a frustrated face.


Health: 15 hearts Reds:10

Attack: 0 hearts, but set you on fire.Reds:Spawn Blues.

Spawn: Light level 7 or below in strongholds, from Phantom Flame Spawners and shooting Ender-Particles into lava. Very rare in caves.

Drops: 0-1 Fire Charge

SaveID: flame

Search range: infinite

Attack range: point-blank


Phantom Flames will wander around aimlessly when inactive, and start following you when active. They don't do any damage themselves, but will set you on fire. Phantom Flames seems to take damage from only water and snowballs. Their damage sound is like a fire extinguished. Red Flames go through walls, but cant see through walls. When you hit one, it has a probability of turning into a blue flame, or just spawning the blue.


Fighting them can be dangerous since they take damage from only snowballs and water. Even if you need to fight them, equip yourself with a lot of snowballs or a water bucket. The Reds take damage from swords, but only if it has fire aspect enchantment.


  • Blue flames are much smaller than red ones
  • They can float through the air like blazes