The ocean is a dimension, like the nether or the end. The ocean is different then the overworld as:

  • Torches in the ocean will stay put, but wont be lit. Glowstone and Charrite torches will still funtion, however.
  • You must have a Diving Helmet to survive.
  • Overworld crops grow without water.
  • Overworld Furnaces wont light
  • Due to dehydration and rust, wooden, stone, and iron tools will be used up twice as fast while in the ocean.

The ocean also has reeds that are so thick that they need a axe to chop down. These can later be turned into Reed Planks, which can be used to create new tools.

How to enter:Edit

If you have a diving helmet on, you have a 10% chance to enter the ocean when you crash a boat. You can also use a Ocean Transport Pearl, using an Onyx Pearl and 4 Inflimite, but you can only recive those items in the ocean itself.


Underwater, you may find new ores under the ocean, along with old ones.

Ores you can find:

Other blocks include:

Alloys include:

​* Includes metals not available in the ocean

Dungeons Edit

Pirate ShipsEdit

Pirate Ships are like dungeons in the overworld, but are made of wood and contain a Pirranha spawner. Chests contain random loot!

Abandoned CastlesEdit

Abandoned castles is what remained of oceanic civilization. The borders are huge, crumbled up walls with what looks like towers in the corners. In the main room, past the walls, is a old throne room, with Pirranha spawners in both the open and in the corners. IF you manage to destroy all the spawners, a clicking noise will be heard and a chest near a throne will appear, containing:

  • A golden apple
  • Diving Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots (when weared with the diving helmet, you get a speed boost in the ocean)

More Coming Soon!