The Nitro is a craftable and explosive block. Unlike TNT, it is unstable and walking past it will set it off as well. It also explodes instantly when powered or burnt.

How to set it offEdit

  1. Walk past it.
  2. falling sand, gravel.
  3. flowing water, lava.
  4. TNT/ Nuke/ Creeper/ Ghast Fireball explosion.
  5. Punch it.
  6. Projectiles (arrows, eggs, snowballs, Blaze Fireballs)
  7. Dropping items on it.
  8. Minecart/ boat
  9. Stupid Enderman trying to pick it up.
  10. Burn it.
  11. Being below a Ruby Block


Resistance: 1

Obey physics: no

Lumination: yes (briefly)

transparency: no


Crafting Nitro


Mining Nitro is impossible because simply punching it will set it off. So don't place Nitros randomly.


Nitros can be very useful for setting minefields (Providing you cover the field with Green Wool or Grass Block)

You can also put it underneath a griefing target's house door, when the victim moves, BOOM!


1. Unlike TNT, Nitro explosions cannot be contained by liquids because it will explode before the water can even occupy the Nitro's space.