Maybe Minecraft could use some new villagers, so I figured if you guys helped me, we could do a lot of good ideas. Suggest your ideas in the comments or feel free to edit!

  • Builder: Wears an apron like the blacksmith and butcher, but it is yellow. Builders Behave the same way as a usual villager, but they can expand villages while the player is away. Sometimes, when the player leaves, they will start and finish a house, or they will only partially complete it making it look old and decaying and missing several blocks. Builders are also capable of placing ladders on the sides of other buildings. Builders live in the big empty houses in villages.
  • Miner: See my other page.

    Farmer villager.

  • Farmer: Remember the old green-robed villagers? They would make a comeback and would be able to replant seeds when monsters destroy them. They can also place any sapling or plant-related item.
  • Jungle villagers: Jungle villagers live in wooden villages high above the jungle canopy. Their villages consist of wooden bridges, primitive houses covered in vines, and long ladders to get to higher houses. Jungle villagers may have cats and are smarter than other mobs and do not fall off edges. They look like usual villagers, but their clothes are reddish-brown and are covered in vines.
  • Mushroom Villager: See my page.

Other peoples ideas Edit

  • Gold Rushers: These villagers only spawn in villages near rivers. They Use a bowl to try to get gold from the river, and their houses are like libraries with no bookshelves.