The Negative Realm is a realm dimmensions where everything is negative. Portals are required to enter, you will need 14 Endstone and a bucket of lava. and arrange them like a nether portal.

Things that ChangeEdit

  • Monsters come at daytime
  • you can only sleep at daytime
  • The more damaged armor is, the stronger
  • Passive Mobs are hostile, Hostile mobs are passive.
  • Overworld/Aether/Nether tools will not work in this realm and using a tool from there will only make every block as hard as bedrock, but you can still punch blocks and entities.
  • Snow Golems now do 3 hearts of damage when they throw snowballs
  • NPC Villagers remain passive
  • The rarity of ores is switched around. (Diamond being the most abundant, Coal being the most rare)