So, I have a few ideas for biomes and they will be included in my Minecraft ideas book. Until that is published, I'll just post my biomes ideas here. Here's my list:

  • Outback: The outback is a biome made of red sand. It is the same as a desert but is made of red sand and has no cacti. Kangaroos, Marsupial dragons, and various other mobs spawn here.
  • Iron Jungle: The iron jungle is made completely out of cobblestone and iron blocks. It has the same structure as jungles, but in place of grass and the tree trunks is iron blocks, the leaves made of cobblestone, and the vines, iron bars. Iron Cows spawn here and iron golems roam freely here. The main structure you can find here is cities. Cities are made up of huge multi-story iron buildings that have working elevators inside. Villagers spawn in these. Very rare.
  • Volcano: See page.
  • Japanese forest: The japanese forest is made of pink grass and japanese saplings. Japanese saplings have the same trunks as oaks but have pink leaves. Pink particles soar through the air here and land on the semi-snowy ground. Pandas spawn here as well as the Baku. This makes a tranquil and safe setting. Monsters rarely spawn here, however this is a rare biome.
  • Lavalands: Lavalands are a very rare biome made completely of obsidian, volcanoes, and fire. The sky is a dark black and it always appears to be night. Blazing behemoths spawn here.
  • Underground biome: It appears just as a plains biome, but it is completely underground, up to 80 blocks away from the surface. It is very spacious and usually flat. Mobs still spawn here, and the only light source is glowstone.
  • Wasteland: Wastelands are spacious biomes that resemble deserts but are completely made of red sand and mossy cobblestone. They have random lava oceans and murky water pools. Acacia trees with no leaves may very rarely spawn here. Abandoned villages are a main structure here.  Sand worms spawn here.
  • Lava oceans: Various mobs spawn here, mostly dangerous ones. An obsidian boat is required to cross these and as their name suggests, they are oceans made of lava.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you like it! Tell me your ideas in the comments below, and I'll add them mentioning you created it!

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