Hey guys, I came across this mod, and thought of how awesome it would make Mushroom Island. So I decided to create this page. Please tell me your ideas in the comments below!

<NOTE> A lot of the images are taken from that mod


White mushroom: It looks like nether wart and even has the same use as it. It would just be a less powerful and easier way to find nether wart.

Glowshrooms: Glowshrooms are glowing blue mushrooms with 3 bulbs. Giant glowshrooms emanate a powerful light source and appears crooked and as a mix of the structure of brown and red mushrooms. It only spawns in mushroom caves.

Blue and purple mushrooms: Can be cooked and eaten and heals quite a bit of health. Giant blue and purple ones also appear and only generates in mushroom caves.

Tallshrooms: They appear like jungle trees but as mushroom form. They are a rarer form of shroom. A ton of stuff will sometimes spawn on it. Has purple vines on it. Only generates in mushroom caves.

Puff shroom: 1 block tall purple-gray mushrooms that explode out green poison when you get near. Not very common.

Jumpshroom: Blue mushrooms that launch you 5 blocks into the air. Nobody how high you are falling, if you land on it, you will not take fall damage.

Mushwater: Grayish clear water that only generates in mushroom caves. If you stay in it for a while, it will drain your health and hunger.

Fungal grass:  Purple grass that only the mushrooms listed above spawn on.


Tick: The mushroom island's variant of the spider. It poisons you exactly like cave spiders. When killed, it sometimes spawns little ticks which larch on to the player and won't let go unless the player runs or jumps in a body of water.

Mushroom zombies: Mushroom Island's variant of the zombie. Has blue mushrooms sprouting out of it's head. It will poison you if hit. Faster than normal zombies.

Shroomasaurus: A tyrannosaurus made out of giant red mushroom blocks. Attacks anything in it's 10 block view. Drops mushrooms.

Mushroom CavesEdit

Mushroom caves generate beneath Mushroom Island and rarely elsewhere. They have an abundance of new mushrooms and mushwater. They are by far the most interesting biome in the game.

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