By Chanieman
Health Points 10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Half Heart
Attack Strength Easy:10px-Heart10px-Half Heart



Drops Honey Jar (0-1)

Gold Nugget (0-2)

Spawn On solid blocks at a light level of 8 or higher, lower then light level 14 .

Forest at light level 10 or lower.

Network ID honey insect
Experience Points 5

[view][talk] Honeyings are small, golden insects that drop honey jars, which are required in order to obtain more food, and gold nuggets, which make it easier to craft gold apples. They dont attack unless you attack them, and have fast speed, so its not recomended. Sometimes, when your sleeping, Honeyings might cultivate your crops, making them grow faster. They also grow saplings and create tall grass. If not in the forest, they burn in the nightlight. They are based on Bees


Its best to fight honeyings in the dawn, as they will spawn but not very frequently, making it easier to fight them.