A honey jar is a very useful item, which can be used in potions, added to food, and attracting mobs, some which are very rare. They are obtained from killing a Honeying.

Use in potionsEdit

Honey can be used to create a sweet potion, which is useless as a normal potion but when used with gunpowder, its splash potion affect on mobs is that it will make them neutral for a limited amount of time.

Use in foodEdit

Honey can also be used to increase the flavor of bread, adding 4 "drumsticks" to your hunger bar and lowering how much the food bar decreases, making it go longer.

Mob Attracting Edit

Mobs love honey. Placing honey on a grass block will smother it in honey, and a mob might appear for the honey. Honeyings appear most oftenly, but sometimes other mobs (for example a creeper) will occaisionly appear, including the very rare Diamond Honeying. If a hostile mob spawns, they will be neutral untill they finish eating the honey, providing doorways to clever traps.