This is another way to cook food in-game. Although this won't replace the furnace, it still can cook up to 3 stacks of beef, pork, fish, and most other items that can be cooked.


ROW    01 02 03   
    01 A  A  A  
    02 B  B  B   
    03 A  A  A
A=Iron Ingot.  Only requires one per slot.
B=Iron Bar(s).  Only requires one per slot.


-Can cook up to 3 stacks of food

-Has progress arrow


-Requires fuel (see below)

-Has durability before it has to be cleaned

To clean the grill, you soak a piece of leather by throwing it into water to create a rag.

If you right click the grill with the rag in your hand, it cleans it.

Rags have a durability of five.

The durability of the grill is in a bar in the middle of the grill.


Only charcoal can be used to fuel the grill. Charcoal is created by burning logs in a regular furnace. It can hold up to a stack of 64. 1 charcoal in a grill is used every 5 seconds. Food in a grill can be cooked every 2.5 seconds, in every slot. Therefore, it cooks 6 pieces of food for 1 charcoal being used/burned.


This item cannot be stacked in your inventory. It is best that you not bring a grill in your inventory when you don't need it. It reduces your inventory space.

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