Gernade luanchers add some range to Bombs. Using any Bomb in your inventory, luanchers will luanch the bombs an incredible 20 blocks while angled on flat ground! Crafting it requires :

  • 2Bomb Shells
  • 3 Iron Ignots

Arranged like:


I B -

I - -

I= Iron Ignot

B= Bomb Casing

-= Nothing

The Gernade Launcher has 250 uses, and each shot counts as one use.


Gernade Luanchers can be enchanted. They can be enchanted with:

  • Accuracy:The Gernade Luancher lobs Bombs more accurately.
  • Range:Bombs are lobbed farther.
  • Power:Bombs do critical damage upon impact.
  • Fusion:If you have 2 or more bomb types, the Bomb effects will be fused into one Mega-bomb.
  • Immunity:the wielder of the Gernade Luancher is immune to their own bombs.
  • Splatter: Bombs are not launched as one, but a cluster of 20 smaller bombs with the same effect.
  • Destruction: Bombs can destroy blocks and drop them as items. Silk-touch like effects.
  • Bounce: Allows for Bombs to bounce off for their first impact, but will still blow up when near a Mob.
  • Retrieval: Used Bomb Casings return to your inventory instantly. If full, then they're set where the player is standing.
  • Pain: If in melee range or without Bombs, then the Gernade Launcher can melee, doing 10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart of damage. Melees do not affect durability.