Remember those ancient writings on the curved sand block with the creeper face? maybe we should add culture to the desert temple for the writings are there and culture wont ruin it.


In a popular Syrian myth a peasant named Aladin found a magic genie and was gave three wishes. This story was transformed into a popular movie in Disney. Now lets get to the point. Minecraft already has culture for the quartzes blocks are like Greece and the curved sand blocks are like Egypt or Syria. In desert temples there would be a chance to find a magic lamp. This magic cup would be in the form of a block and would be able to be broken easily but tnt could not destroy it. When you go into the room far below the temple the cup would be above one of the chest. When broken and is a block you then leave the desert temple and then plant the cup outside. When planted outside the desert temple a genie quickly spawns and asks what your wish is. Some how you would tell a item you want and how much. If you want 64 Emeralds it would be given to you and he would go back into his cup ready for a later use. When three wishes have been used the block dies and the genie is never seen again.


You can wish for any block or item (eg. Gold Nugget 23) by putting its name in and amount. You can't get more then one un-stackable things (eg. 13 Diamond Pickaxes). You also can't get spawn eggs, dragon eggs and nether stars.

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