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Minecraft 1.X.XEdit

  • Jungle trees will now have a 10% chance of yielding cocoa beans.
  • Beds will be colored depending on the wool. (e.g. blue wool on right,black wool on center and orange wool at left will be a bed with blue pillow and a black and orange blanket)
  • Cakes can be broken and held.
  • Cows may drop leather armor.
  • When mining gold, you will get 0-2 gold nuggets as well as the ore.
  • Creepers,endermen,zombies and other spiders have a chance of spawning on spiders.
  • When killed creepers may drop TNT
  • Cacti could now grow flowers on top of them called cactus flowers. Their colors would range from orange, yellow, purple, and white.
  • Leather is now placeable.
  • There is a 0.2% of a mob dropping their Spawn Egg.
  • There is a new slab added called the Iron slab.
  • Slimes would now vary in colors from orange, blue, purple, and dark green.
  • Ocean floors are now completely made of sand.
  • Cows can be solid black, solid brown, and brown with white spots.
  • Mooshrooms can now be brown like brown mushrooms.
  • Wolves can now howl.
  • Bowls are now placeable.
  • Pumpkin pie is now placeable like cake.
  • Endermen can now carry mobs.
  • Villagers can drop items, ranging from emeralds to items that were traded for emeralds.
  • Enderdragons can shoot creepers.
  • Blazes now have arms, legs, and cool sunglasses.
  • There is a new slab called the Diamond slab.
  • Minecarts can now fit 3 players per cart.
  • Pig/Mob/Horseback: Mobs can ride pigs?!
  • Every 100th zombie spawned manually or naturally has fully enchanted diamond armor and enchanted diamond sword & an enchanted bow. D:
  • Minecarts can also run on an overhead catenary.
  • There is a 0.00000001% chance that a creeper won't explode.
  • Have a 10% chance that a wither will spawn wearing armor
  • Now the spawn eggs can be crafted with an egg and the drop of the mob
  • The wither and the ender dragon will drop their heads if killed by a mutant charged creeper because normal charged creeper is too small
  • Have a 10% chance that a enderdragon will spawn wearing armor
  • the wither now drop soul sand so you will can spawn he again
  • enderdragon drops end stone
  • wither spawns naturally on the nether
  • enderdragon shoots ice
  • new ore mans(e.g diamond man, redstone man) they can combine to form the super ore man
  • new pickaxe called energy pickaxe that can mine even bedrock the recipe is 3 magic fires, 1 energy ingot and 2 sticks(can only be crafted in a enchanted diamond crafting table at least)
  • new tool called magic bucket, he gives you the flowing version instead of the liquid in the bucket
  • villagers drops emerald
  • silverfishes drops raw fish and silver ingot
  • elder guardian and guardian drops guardian scale
  • prismarine is used to make prismarine armor
  • guardian scale is used to make guardian scale armor
  • new mob that drops lots of candies
  • diamond is now placeable.
  • coal is now placeable.
  • charcoal is now placeable.
  • emerald is now placeable.
  • new ore called ruby and it is placeable.
  • new ore called dragonstone and it is placeable.
  • new obsidian gem, it is placeable
  • new item called rock, its placeable and can be used as a projectile but not for bows, for hand
  • Withers shoot little withers that will be hostile mobs instead of bosses
  • Enderdragons can shoot endermen
  • all mobs can be spawned by spawn eggs
  • added the stronger golems ever
  • added magical invisible blocks, (e.g. the mob respawner, that looks a soul sand when are in inventory and gives more life/respawns the mob).
  • Cats are now afraid of water.
  • now you can create mobs in a building, the building is:

wp: wooden planks

wf: wooden fence

sb: stone bricks


h: hopper

sbs: stone brick stairs

fwh: hopper in front of fire


[sb] [wp]

0: nothing

{sb] [wp]0000000000000000000000000000000000[wp] [sb]

[sb] [wp][wf][wf][wf][wf][wf][wf][wf][wf][wf][wf][wf][wf] [sb] [wp]

[sb][wp] 0000000000000000000000000000000000 [sb] [wp]

[sb][wp] [f] [f] [f] [f] [f] [fwh] [f] [f] [f] [f] [sb][wp]

then, you drop things and then look at the hopper and inside it you will find the spawn egg of the mob

  • added lantern
  • added hand torch
  • flint is now placeable.
  • now endermen can place blocks