The Frozen Sword is a rare item found in dungeons from either the Ocean or the Frozen world. When it kills, mobs dont make a death sound and dont fall over. Instead, a ice cracking animation will play, and the mob will turn into ice. hitting it with anything other then a fist will make the ice shatter, their loot dropping to the floor.

If you have the frozen sword anywhere in your inventory while you take damage from fire, the sword will melt and you will be granted fire immunity for 4 seconds. This can be used to escape a random pit of lava while digging down. Once the sword melts, it will refreeze in 45 seconds.


  • The sword will also melt if it runs out of durability. when it refreezes, it will have all its durability back.
  • The sword does 3 hearts of damage, the same as an iron sword.

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