It appears the same as the splash potion of regeneration.

It appears as any other potion but has flying potion as a title. It is a very useful item. It can be thrown too.


Flying potion can be used to make mobs fly temporarily. You can right-click on any mob and it will start floating up in the air. It will still behave like it is still on the ground. However, the potion can only be used once, then it disappears out of your hand. It is useful in making hostile mobs away. It has a slight splash effect that will repel any zombie hoard. It can also be used to make magic carpets with the right materials. It can also reverse the flying ability the ender dragon has, making the battle easier. Also for the minecraft people who like watching youtube go watch Xela ProGamez and subscribe to him because he is a great minecraft youtuber


You must place a bottle in the middle of a crafting table with a feather on the top and bottom and a bucket of water to fill in the rest of the spaces.

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egerhhehthfghfghrIf used on a squid, the squid will permanately be in the airEdit