Note: the Floating Sword is a mob, not a weapon!

The Floating Sword, as it's name implies, is a Sword Floating in midair.   

The sword preparing for an assault


Health: 25 hearts

attack: 4 (easy), 6 (normal), 8 (hard), in addition to being frozen for 3 seconds (you can still attack)

Spawn: Strongholds and Floating Sword Spawners, any light level.

Drops: 0-1 Rusted Iron, 1-3 Iron Dust

Rare drop: rusty sword

Save ID: Ghostsword


Floating Swords stay inmobile when inactive, and charge toward you when active. They usually spawns in a group of 5. They do not take damage from arrows, wooden swords and fire. They also don't drown in water and lava.


Be sure to have a full set of iron armors and a Sword when fighting them. No use lighting the strongholds as they spawn at any light level. Don't use arrows as they take no damage from them, Soul Sands seems to do max damage on them.

Floating Sword grinderEdit

Floating sword grinders are difficult to make due to the mob's tendency of not moving when inactive.

  1. Find a Floating Sword Spawner.
  2. Put 3 pairs of Sticky Pistons, each pair facing each other and 3 blocks away.
  3. Put any blocks in front of the piston arms.
  4. Connect the pistons to a lever.
  5. make sure the crusher is facing the exit to the spawner room.
  6. When you pull the lever, they will suffocate and die.


  1. Floating Swords cannot fly, despite their name.
  2. Floating Swords takes damage in fire, but not in lava.
  3. Floating Swords takes fall damage, despite being floating.
  4. They will not go after Skeletons because they take no damage from arrows.
  5. However, they will go after Blazes and Trolls when the two mobs hit them.
  6. They cannot put a break to their charges, which means they might hit mobs that's behind you.
  7. For example, a Floating Sword Charge at you, you dodge and that sword hits a Zombie, that Zombie will go after it.
  8. They make the same damage sound as Blazes.
  9. They can destroy Block 97 while charging, so Silverfishes will go after them as well.