Flawless Goddess is a type of idol that can be found on chests located on top of phoenix pillars. The flawless goddess can be used to light up an area in a huge radius with sunlight that can burn undead mobs and pacify spiders. 


The Flawless Goddess, once right clicked in your hand, will make an area within a 3x3 chunk radius lit up with sunlight. The sunlight doesn't actually come from the sky, but comes from any space found in the area, including in caves, houses and other structures that have enclosures. This will cause undead mobs to burn in the sunlight and pacify spiders as well as light up the effected chunks. This all only goes on for 20 seconds, of which the effect wears off. Once used, the Flawless Goddess Idol will be consumed in the process and leave a Broken Idol.

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