The Fire Demon is a neutral mob of the Nether and volcanoes that live in small villages made of obsidian in volcanoes or netherrack in the Nether ==Appearance                                                      

Fire Demon
Fire demon
The Mob
Health Points 8 on easy, 11 on normal, and 13 on hard
Attack Strength 3 on easy, 5 on normal, and 7 on hard
Drops Magma Cream, Fire Charge
Spawn volcano,nether(rare)
Rare Drops Iron Ingot
Experience Points 80

[view][talk] == The fire demon looks like a villager with orange skin, black clothes, and flames for legs. They move around just like villagers and even act the same, until hit. Then they start shrieking and throw fireballs at the player until he dies.

SMP Death TextEdit

(player name) was burnt by Fire Demon