The Explosive Pad is a small explosive that Can be swung over walls, through small gaps, and can be detonated at will. A single player can have up to 8 explosive pads at one time, and laying more then that amount will cause one

Explosive Pad Recipe (4 per craft)

of them to explode, while placing the new one. The Explosive Pads connot break blocks (will only do damage), and cannot be activated with other explosives. Right-clicking with the Detonator will explde all of you explosives at once.


Clearing CavesEdit

While Explosive Pads dont break blocks, they can still hurt, even to other mobs. throwing down a few explosive pads is a viable option when exploring a new cave.

Explosive JumpingEdit

By explosive jumping, you can cover insane amounts of ground. Because explosive pads have a huge

Detonator Recipe

knockback, laying down a explosive pad, then jumping in the direction you want to go while detonating it will cause you to get thrown up in your desired direction.


When paired with the Mantreads, you can use explosive jumping to stomp nearby players, doing damage or even killing them. This also works well because the mantreads also limit falling damage.