Minecraft needs Chicken but everyone knows thats not going to happen. So maybe Minecraft needs more boss mobs.

Boss Mobs of todayEdit

There are only two Boss mobs and these two are actually related. The ender dragon is related to the wither due to the Ender part and the Wither is related due to Wither skeletons in the nether. SO how about we make a King of Ender men called Ender Lords.

Ender LordEdit

These guys are Ender men basically but control the Ender Men. Most people know nothing of the Ender Men history but know they are from the evil dimension of the End. Ender Lords can be spawned with a Ender Lord egg. They also spawn rarely at night. When spawning to the player at night... you know this is bouring I am going to make a Minecraft story right here.

Tim had enough fish and had found enough iron ingots for armor and a Tomahalk plus a sword. He had also made a bow with the string he got from spiders in the caves he explored in. He was now ready to kill some mobs so he went out and tried to find Ender men. Ender men had crystals that could make you teleport long distances which could really help Tim. Tim was looking everywhere but it was to dark so he used his night vision potion. He looked behind him and saw a very tall Ender men except this one had golden robes and a gold helmet as if he were loyalty. TIm attacked the endermen with his sword and the Ender Men dissapeared. He was then attacked but this time could not see the Ender men as if it were invisible. HE looked everywhere and figured out either Herobrine gave this Ender men golden armor and a invisibility potion. Or Jeb and Notch were playing a funny update which included a invisible ender men. Tim looked up and saw a health bar and saw the words Ender Lord.Tim ran fast for he was dieing and ate one of his golden apples but then the Ender Lord quickly teleported in front of him visible. Tim stood in fear and the Ender Lord did on attack to him and he died.

By this simple story you now know Ender Lord have enhanced teleportation, more damage and worst of all invisbility. Leave a comment below