Health Points

60 Hearts

Attack Strength

(Easy)-6 (Normal)-10 (Hard)-12


0-2 Eyes of Ender and Weapon it was holding


In the End at level 8 or less.

Network ID


Rare Drops

1-3 Diamonds

Experience Points


An EnderKnight is an Enderman except it is more powerful (see infobox), it only spawns in the End, and they spawn holding either an iron sword or a diamond sword and can attack you at a sepped slightly slower than you can swing it casually with it. They look just like endermen except they have red eyes and are automatically aggresive once you are within 10 blocks of them. They cannot pick up blocks, unlike endermen. They are very dangerous.

Created by Dragonthunder75


an Enderknight without sword

Enderknights guard the Enderdragon in the dark dimension called the End

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