Endercats are the ender version of ocelots that spawn in the End or very rarely in the Overworld.

The adorable, yet elusive mob


They look like the black version of the cat but instead of a white underbelly and face, it is light purple. It's eyes are the same color as an enderman's. They have the same purple aura that an enderman has circling around it.


Endercats follow endermen around and will even protect them too. Of course, they can teleport too. They can be tamed with an eye of ender the same way you tame an ocelot.

Mob name: Endercat
Mob type: Neutral
Health: 10 hearts
Damage: 2 hearts
Spawns: The End and rarely in the Overworld
Drops: 0-2 end pearls, 3 xp

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