Ender Zombie


Heart 30




3 HeartHeartHeart (easy)

5 HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart (normal)

7 HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart (hard)


Ender Fortress

Dirt, Sand, Gravel, or any light bock level



Zombified Endermen that appears in Ender-fortress basements. They have green eyes and they emit black smokes. They are also moan like normal Zombies (much like the Endermen in Pre Release 1.8,) and have two arms sticking out in front.


They act like Zombies, however, they can teleport and not harmed by water. You can exploit their weakness of any light source, as they will catch fire at light le

an Ender Zombie in the overworld

vel 2 or above (any light, not just sunlight). They can spawn right in front of player's view from any block that can be mined with shovels (sand, gravel, dirt, soul sand, mycelium, snow), that is why they can spawn at any light level despite the fact they are photosensitive. They also never spawn from spawners.

Ender-Zombie grindersEdit

Ender-Zombie grinders are easy even though they never spawn from spawners, just light any Ender-fortress basement with torches, then stand in a 2 block high corridor and watch them burn to death. However, they don't drop anything, so they are rather useless.


  1. They can sometimes rematerialize inside a wall after teleportation, which cause them to suffocate (and proves that they are very stupid.)
  2. They can teleport, despite their lack of Ender Pearls.
  3. They are endermen bitten by zombies which take away the purple eyes and purple smoke but they emit black smoke and have green eyes