Ender-Soldiers are commonly found in Ender-Fortresses, or from Ender-Soldier Spawners. Ender-Soldiers are like Endermen except they are dressed millita style and also holding a Crossbow.


Health: 50 hearts.

Spawn: anywhere in Ender-Fortresses, from Mob Spawners.

Type: Neutral/Hostile.

Attacks: 3 hearts (easy), 5 hearts (normal), 8 Hearts (hard).

Drops: 0-1 Ender Particles, 0-1 Enderpearls.

Rare drop: Ender-Rifle.

Savegame ID: Endersoldier


Ender-soldiers are Endermen and Skeletons AI combined together: The straffing and shooting ability of the Skeletons plus the teleportations and "staring = death" ability of the Endermen. Unlike Skeletons, they do not catch fire in sunlight, and they are harmed by water. Their shots are similar to a Ghast fireball, but they cannot destroy blocks. They are neutral, but they can become or spawn hostile if you're in an armory in an Ender-Fortress.


It is best to flood the armories with water to prevent the Ender-soldier spawners from working. When they shoot, you can deflect the projectile like you would a Ghast fireball.

Ender-Soldier grindersEdit

Ender-Soldier Grinders must be built in the armories in Ender-fortresses because Ender-Soldiers never spawn outside of Ender-fortresses. To build an Ender-Soldier grinder:

  1. Find an armory in the fortress.
  2. Dig down one hundred blocks in the armory (make sure you have enough ladders).
  3. You may block off the spawners with any solid blocks as their shots doesn't destroy blocks.
  4. Go to the bottom of the pit and collect the loots.

Author's noteEdit

The Ender Particle is explained in it's own page.
Endersoldier 2

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