The Ender-fortresses can be seen anywhere, but rarely on the Overworld. Ender-fortresses are made from Ender Bricks (Ender equivalent of Nether Bricks). Inside the fortress holds a lot of Endermen and some Ender-soldiers.


Ender Bricks can be collected from the fortress, or by crafting with End Stones. Ender Bricks can be crafted into Ender Brick Fence and Ender Brick Stairs as well. Other Structural materials include Ender Brick Doors and Ender Chests. The Ender-fortresses each contain at least 1 armory which has Diamond tools in the Ender Chests and other Ender Weapons (Will be made as pages later). The Armory also contain Ender-Soldier spawners and the main hall decked full of Enderman spawners.


  • It is the Ender equivalent of Nether fortresses.
  • You can find some Ender-grasses growing outside the fortress compound which can be used for brewing potions.
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