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Name Tool Effect Level required
Lumber Chop IronAxe Harvesting wood will cause it to fall the same way Cacti does. Level 9
Sucide Suit IronHelmetIronChestplateIronLeggingsIronBoots When a piece of armor is destroyed, it explodes. (You lose 10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart.) Level 12
Aqua Slash IronSword Does more damage to mobs with a weakness to water, like Endermen. Level 6
Leech IronSword Some of the damage done to the mob will transmit into the user's health. Level 10
Death IronSword Instantly kills any mob upon contact, but cause the sword to break 10 times faster. Also doesn't work on bosses. Level 50
Zeroshock (all tools and armor) Attacking a mob/a mob attacking you shocks them for a while. (Paralysis, in other words.) lvl 5(2sec) lvl 43(5 sec)
Backstabber IronSword Does twice as much damage when you attack from behind. Level 12
Notched IronSword On Hit: Causes mob to bleed for 7 seconds.

On Miss: Hit yourself, idiot.

Level 25
Vitality IronChestplate 20% chance for the armor to heal the wearer to max health should they fall below 2 hearts.  Level 12
Agility IronBoots Makes the wearer move faster. (up to III, allowing for 2x movement speed) Level 8
Regular Stone has a 2% chance to not drop as stone, but as an Ingot Level 20
Speed IronSword
Broken blocks/Killed Mobs' drops go straight into your inventory Level 24
Hallowed IronSword Swings faster. Level 1
Blessed IronSword and Bow 50% Chance when used on Undead Mobs to kill them instantly. Level 20
Venomfang IronSword and Bow Poisons the target for 10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart of poison damage over 8 seconds. Level 14
Tension Bow Draw a Bow faster Level 1
Hunter IronSword and Bow Does extra damage to animals. Level 4
Revenant Gold Items Undead mobs hit die instantly. Level 30
Closed Wounds IronHelmetIronChestplateIronLeggingsIronBoots Speeds up health Regeneration 2x, and allows health regeneration when regeneration is otherwise stunted. Level 16
Vigor IronBoots Makes Sprinting consume less hunger. Level 7
Butter Power Golden Armor, tools, and weapons Will add 5 durability to the item. Level 19
Dragon Soul Any item equipped when the Ender Dragon dies The equipped item does not degrade, and returns to your inventory if you die and is not destroyed. Removes all pre-existing enchantments and cannot be enchanted with anything else. Only obtained by killing the Ender Dragon
Sixth Sense IronHelmetIronChestplateIronLeggingsIronBoots

When wearing a full set of armor with the "Sixth Sense" enchantment, it shows all nearby mobs through walls and at any light level.

When not wearing a full set: Nohing.

Level 10
Predator IronSword Hit mobs glow, and are visible through walls at any light level. Only glow to the wielder of the sword. Level 15
Terror IronSword Any mob hit has a chance to run away, hostile or not. Level 18
Frenzy IronSword Mobs hit have a chance to attack other mobs nearby. No affect on non-attacking mobs. Level 18
Soothe IronSword Chance for the affected mob to not retaliate until hit again. Passive animals will not run away. Level 18
Absorbtion IronChestplate Chance for no damage to be taken to the wearer. Only applies to non-enviromental attacks. Stagger still applied. Level 15
Reflection IronChestplate Slight chance for all damage to hurt the dealing entity. Only applies to non-enviromental attacks. Stagger still applied. Level 30
Deft Movement IronBoots Mob detection range is decreased if sneaking. Level 10
Explosion armor Can explode. Level 10
stronger TNT Have a stronger explosion Level 11