Dark Ingot is an Ingot aqquired by smelting Dark ore in a Furnace.

Dark Ingot
Dark Ingot



How to obtain

By Smelting Dark Ore in a Furnace

Tool Durability

2500 uses

The Dark Sword can kill the Ender Dragon in 50 hits.

Dark Pickaxe time to breakEdit

Block TIme
Obsidian 5 secs
Iron Door 2.5 secs
Diamond Block 0.48 secs
Iron Block 0.48 secs
Monster Spawner 2.5 secs
Dispenser 2.62 secs
Furnace 2.62 secs
Coal Ore 0.3 secs
Diamond Ore 0.3 secs
Gold Ore 0.3 secs
Iron Ore 0.3 secs
Lapis Lazuli Ore 0.3 secs
RedstoneOre 0.3 secs
Gold Block 0.3 secs
Lapis Lazuli Block 0.3 secs
Brick 1 sec
Nether Brick 1 sec
Cobblestone 0.2 secs
Moss Stone 0.2 secs
Slab 0.2 secs
Stone Stairs 1 sec
Stone 0.1 sec
Sandstone 0.3 sec
Ice 0.01 sec
Pressure Plate 0.25 sec
Glowstone 0.1 sec

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