The Crystal Shard is a blue neutral mob found at mob spawners that is in layer 20 and below. When killed, it drops 1 diamond.


Crystal shards resemble blue goblins that have yellow eyes and is about two blocks tall. They are hunched over and almost seem to be "knuckle-walkers". They make a slight cooing sound, but roar when angry.

Crystal Shard
Health Points 15 hearts
Attack Strength 4 hearts (easy)

5 hearts (normal) 6 hearts (hard) 10 Hearts (hard)

Drops 0-1 diamond, xp
Spawn 5 X 5 X 5 area below layer 20, from mob spawners only
Network ID Diamondgolem
Rare Drops none
Experience Points 20



This mob walks around randomly when neutral, and runs very fast toward players that attack it. It does a lot of damage when provoked.