Crossbow Recipe

The Crossbow is a ranged weapon similar to the bow. While some people think that its a direct upgrade from the bow, it can also be seen as a sidegrade to the bow. Instead of firing arrows, it shoots crossbow bolts made of iron. When you move your hotbar to the crossbow, it will automaticly insert a bolt into the weapon. After its loaded, you can switch to other weapons and use other tools while still keeping the bolt in the crossbow. A loaded bolt will also not decrease any moving speed. When you left click while holding the loaded crossbow, it will fire it twice as fast as your average bow.

However, there are some cons to this weapon, as shown below:


  • Bolts move twice as fast while in the air.

    Crossbow Bolt Recipe (2 per craft)

  • 730 Durability (twice as much as a bow).
  • No moving speed decrease.
  • Instant shoot (no charge-up time).
  • Bolts can be picked up if the mob is killed (%50 of the time).


  • Bolts require Iron to make.
  • -%50 amount of bolts per craft (2 bolts instead of 4).
  • Harder to aim with (no zooming in, as you dont have to charge).
  • Cannot be enchanted with enchanting table.(but can be with enchanted books using an anvil)