A Chimeara is a mob or potential boss. It may be found in the overworld, rarely and in certain biomes, or in the nether. It could also spawn only in certain generated structures.

The Chimeara is an infamous monster in Greek mythology. It has the body of a giant lion, and three heads: A central lion head, a dragon head on one side and a goat-like devil's head on the other. It also has a venomous snake for its tail, so in total a Chimeara has four heads.

A Chimeara would be at least 4 blocks tall and about 5.5 blocks long not including its tail. It would have 80 hearts of health. It would have four seperate attacks. And attack from the front claws and the central head would deal physical damage. An attack from the dragon head would set the player on fire. An attack from the demonic-goat head would inflict wither on the player, and an attack from the snakelike tail would inflict poison.

Upon death, a Chimeara would drop mutton, rotten flesh, several ghast tears, one or more fermented spider eyes, and a certain amount of redstone, glowstone or gunpowder. It also releases 30 xp.

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