There should be a lot of different chests with various effects since Jeb has just added Enderchests in the 21/22 snapshot.

Pictures coming soon. this is not done.


Name Crafting Picture Effect
Stone Chest Cobblestone+Chest A Chest that can only be opened with a Key.
Iron Chest Iron Ingot+Chest

Can only opened using redstone charges.

Gold Chest Gold Ingot+Chest Can only be opened with a password.
Diamond Chest Diamond Gem+Chest Every 5 mobs you kill, a diamond will spawn in the chest.
Bedrock Chest(Craftable in Creative only) Bedrock+Chest Can only be opened by the player who places it. Basically Lockette without mods.
Dirt Chest Dirt Carries 9 items only. Good for small and cheap holding.