Cavities are conditions that prevent the Player from eating food. Toothbrushes are used for preventing them. Cavities come from not brushing, while constantly eating foods without doing it. Teeth will start to pour out from the Player's head, (mouth) if they don't use a toothbrush. They have a negative effect on the Player, due to it preventing them from eating food. Otherwise, if all their teeth fall out, and if the eat a food item, they will not be able to consume it. Unless they use a toothbrush, then they will be able to eat again. Other foods have a higher risk of causing cavities, that include Chocolate, Cake, Cookies, etc.


  • Toothbrushes are required for keeping the Player's teeth clean. If they loose all their teeth, they can use the toothbrush, and their teeth will slowly start to regenerate if they brush more.
  • Eating foods other than beef, porkchop, and or chicken. Will prevent the player from getting cavities. Although these food items are important, the Player must brush after consumption.


  • In a way they may not seem important. But however if the player doesn't brush, they will not be able to continue consuming food, because their teeth will shortly start to fall out. And will make them unable to consume certain foods. Blueberries can still be consumed if the Player's teeth falls out. And also since toothbrushes are extremely easy to craft.

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