Crafting for an Iron-shelled Lava Bomb.


Crafting Table or Bomb Crafting Table


Depends on desired Bomb (Always uses Gunpowder, 1-3, with more increasing the AoE)




Yes (64 of the same type)

Bombs are an idea of an item in Minecraft that impact the area of the explosion with the desired effect. Each crafting creates 3 Bombs.

Using a Bomb Crafting Table will make Bombs more efficently than by Crafting Table. Using one needs 2 less casing Blocks (3 instead of 5) and produces more Bombs (5 instead of 3).

Created by KernelFodder


Bomb TypesEdit

  • Blaze Powder, Rods, or Lava: Pyro Bomb that sets the area on fire. Length depends upon the ingredient used.
  • Water: Hydro Bomb that puts out fires with ease. Instantly kills Endermen of any kind. Harmless to other Mobs.
  • Wood(As a Projectile): Splinter Bomb that does light damage over short range.
  • Coal or Charcoal: Thunder Bomb with a high push strength. Harmless.
  • Bone Meal: Earth Bomb that disperses Bone Meal over it's range, instantly growing anything natural. Harmless.
  • Gunpowder: Explosive Bomb that obliterates the relative area.
  • Spider's Eyes: Poison Bomb that poisons the relative area. Spiders are immune to this effect.
  • Any Potion: <Potion Effect> Bomb that Disperses the effect of the potion over a larger range than by Splash.
  • Dirt: Splatter Bomb that impairs sight for a short time. Harmless. Going underwater will negate the effect.
  • Fermented Spider Eyes: Stink Bomb that repells mobs from the area for a short time. Harm
  • less.
  • Arrows or Crossbow Bolts: Spiker Bomb that Shoots arrows upon explosion.
  • Bomb in a Bomb: Multi Bomb that launches 8 smaller bombs of that type outwards. The mother Bomb is harmless.
  • Firework Star: Colored Smoke Gernade that disguises all in it, and forces Mobs to search for a new target. Some colors work better in certian occasions. (ex. A gray Smoke will camoflage better than a green Smoke Bomb in a cave, but a green works better in a Jungle.). Harmless
  • Gold Nugget: Confetti that attracts Mobs that can see it. Harmless.
  • Firework: Firecracker that attracts mobs within earshot.  Harmless.
  • Snow or Ice: Slow Bomb that slows down entities hit. Harmless. Strength and length vary upon the ingredient and quality used.
  • Eye of Ender:Telebomb that teleports the mob to either the Nether or the End temporarily. Nether-teleported Mobs will be set on fire, while End mobs may not return...
  • Redstone: Chaff Bomb that overrides nearby redstone circuitery. Handy on SMP against trolls, but useless in SSP. Harmless.
  • Diamond: Are you dumb enough to use your Diamonds in a bomb? If so, yoi're in for a treat: It creates Spikes of PURE DIAMOND that not only perma-paralyzes the Mob inside, bet IT ALSO can be mined for a chance to get your precious DIAMONDS back! Requires a Diamond pick to retrieve, however.

MCI IdeasEdit

These are for non-vanilla-based Bombs using items/blocks uploaded here.

  • Rusty Iron: Poisonous Shard Bomb that has a chance to poison hit Mobs. 
  • Dark Energy: Radioactive Bomb that poisons until 1/2 a heart. Immune to anyone wearing a gasmask.
  • Ender Particle: Shard of End Bomb that penetrates deep through blocks.
  • Nitro: Do we really need to say what it does?

Combo EffectsEdit

Combo Effects are created through creating a valid bomb (such as Stink Bomb) and then putting them back in the crafting table, and adding another valid ingredient to the mixture, creating a unique Bomb.

  • Water+Spider Eyes: Lingering Poison that damages with poison over time. Does more damage overall than a regular Poison Bomb. 
  • Blaze Powder/Rod/Lava+Wood Planks: Flaming Inferno Bomb that burns with incredible length and does damage to fire-proof Mobs. Ideal for Nether-Overworld expeditions. Better ingredients burn longer.
  • Water+Snowball, Snow or Ice: Freezing Bomb that paralyzes all hit for a short period of time. Does small freezing damage over time. Lasts longer for ingredient used. 
  • Coal/Charcoal+Gunpowder: Mass Blast Bomb that pushes Mobs a very crazy distance away, and also obliterates the terain without any possible block loss that the Explosive Bomb may have.
  • Anything other than these: A Dud Bomb that has no effect.

Feel free to add your own!

Italic ingredients have varying strengths, and the first ingredient is weaker than the second, and vice versa.


  • If a Bomb hits a Mob directly, it harms the mob and takes away 2 hearts.
  • Bombs WILL hurt the wielder if they are in the blast radius.
  • If a Bomb is tossed in water, then it will drop as an item.
    • It shares this trait with Torches.
  • Throwing a Bomb in a Recycler will blow up the recycler.
    • You must set the bomb in the recycler.
    • This applies with harmless Bombs too.
  • You can shoot a Bomb in mid-air to explode it in mid-air.
  • Bombs are lobbed 15 blocks at the maximum (Given a 45 degree arc on flat land with no obstruvtions).

Crafting RecipeEdit

G* G G*

G= Gunpowder

S= The desired shell

E= Desired effect

The * means that piece of Gunpowder is not needed, but if added, will increase the range of the explosion.

  • 1 Gunpowder: 3x3x3
  • 2 Gunpowders: 6x6x6
  • 3 Gunpowders: 9x9x9

Used as an IngredientEdit



B=Bomb (any type works)

Arrow Bomb: a Bomb attatched to an arrow. Can be fired from Bows and Crossbows.