Created by Dr Edgar Zomboss
Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable? Yes (64)
Tool Used IronPick
Blast Resistance 300
Obeys Physics? No
Luminosity 13
Transparency N/A
Bazalte is a block which has the same texture as Obsidian, but is orange. It is found in  Volcano Biomes, commonly. It's blast resistance to explosions and it's immunity to Fire and Lava makes it good for shelters. It takes you 5 seconds to mine it using an Iron Pickaxe or a Diamond Pickaxe. Other Pickaxes will take 20 seconds and using bare hands or any non-pickaxe tools takes 55 seconds, it is also dropped from Lava Orges and Magma Cubes.

Spawn BlockingEdit

Bazalte is very useful to stop spawning mobs,and will act like Lava for Undeads,also if you set it using Flint and Steel once the light level becomes 14 (15 if twice).


Bazalte when harvested,drops 3-7 Bazalte Ashes, which can be crafted into a Magmatic Ingot or a Bazalte block.



As a Crating Ingredient
Crafting BazalteAsh


Ingredients Brewing

Bazalte Ashes


Water Bottle


Flame Potion

Brewing FlamePotion


Result = Magmatic Ingot
Smelt BazalteIngot

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