Redstone Curcuitry


Yes (64)

First Appearance


Block Range

100 Blocks



Tools Used

Stone Pickaxe



Idea Designer


Amplifiers are blocks that can be used to increase the volume on sounds from Jukeboxes and Note Blocks. Normal Jukeboxe's or Note Block's sound ranges from 40 blocks to blocks 100, when an Amplifier is attatched next to it. They can be crafted using 1 Redstone, 5 Iron, and 1 Cone.


Amplifiers have to be exactly next to a Jukebox, or Noteblock for it to work. Once attached the sound of the block will extend it's sound range to 100 blocks.


1. If an Amplifier was placed next to a Recycler, the game will crash and will render the world unplayable forever.

2. The amplified sound can be heard in the Nether, Aether and the End as well.

3. lightning gets attracted closer to it.


If you shoot a bow into it, 10 arrows will go in random dirictions out from it. If you hit it with a stick, it will knock every mod in the 100 block radius back 5 blocks. If you hit it with a blaze rod, it will do the same but give them flame 1. If you hit it with a sword, it will do the same but do the swords damage instead of fire.


It is crafted like this:

Someone Messed With It, Please Put The Correct Crafting Information Down.

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